444 Avocats – Nadine Prod’homme Soltner 

About Nadine:

Nadine is the founding partner of 444 avocats. Originally specialized in business law, she has been able to apply her highly technical skills to family and estate law, thanks to multiple training courses – interest-based negotiation, mediation, and collaborative law.
Also trained in litigation management, she advises and assists her clients in business law, real estate,  asset management, and labor law.
She is a member of the research center of Attractive Law at the University of Sorbonne (Paris, France), and of the association of practitioners of collaborative law since 2013. As a teacher-researcher, she is the author of numerous publications, mainly in tax and business law. She is a regular speaker at symposiums, conferences, and training in tax law and art market law.
Her determination to see conflicts resolved in a peaceful manner enables her to find transactional solutions in 80% of disputes. 

About 444 Avocats:

444 is a firm of lawyers and jurists, determined to provide their clients with concrete, rapid and effective solutions through close support. They combine the technicality of the law with the highest standards of quality and humanity. With their diversity and expert skills, the associates and partners of 444 aim to federate their skills around one project: to put the man at the heart of the law.

By having accompanied managers, business leaders, and their families in their various projects, they are aware of the importance of the network. 

444 avocats has the ability to adapt to the most complex professional and personal situations; an agile team that demonstrates a lot of pedagogy towards clients and which is always innovative in terms of solutions. 


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