Christine Hérot: bilingual life Coach

Christine is a Life Coach who recently moved to St. Petersburg, FL.  She also works as a Developmental and Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Christine’s education:

She first received a dual master’s degree in Linguistics and French Literature from the University of Oregon as well as an undergraduate degree from the University of Poitiers, France.  

She then obtained a Doctorate in Developmental Psychology from Harvard University, and a Clinical psychology Doctoral Respecialization degree from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology/Williams James College.

Christine completed a Post-Graduate Fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute for Psychotherapy. She obtained a certificate in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. She is also a Certified EMDR provider. 

Christine’s professional background:

  • Psychotherapy work at Harvard University and Tufts University (college counseling centers) 
  • Nursing Home (50 to 97-year-olds)
  • Community Mental Health center – parents and children’s services 
  • Therapy for young children in Dorchester Elementary Schools 
  • Play therapy with abused children (0 to 3-years-olds) at the Parents’ Center at Saltonstall House 
  • Group therapy for young children and young mothers
  • Leader & trainer of a clinical team at the Massachusetts General Hospital – clinical and cognitive/ neuropsychological assessments

Life Coaching

Help attaining specifical goals and desires
eg – increasing self-esteem,
being a more efficient manager
Educational and development model
eg – personal growth, life transitions, etc.
Co-creation between coach & client
Coach helps clients find their own answers.

The three main missions:

High-level communication skills and assertiveness in all contexts – work, social settings, with family and close friends

Enhancing problem-solving skills for better performance during job interviews, athletic competitions, work meetings, exams

Efficient cultural transitions and identity development for expatriates or anyone adjusting to a new country, a new city, a new home

What are the benefits from coaching ?

  • increasing self-worth and ability to efficiently express unique visions
  • increasing self-worth and communication skills – more respect from others
  • increasing self-awareness in the ability to make mindful choices
  • increasing focused attention while harnessing cognitive competences
  • improving relationships while expressing your authentic self and learning non-violent communication methods
  • increasing the ability to shift fluidly between cultural and social environments
  • increasing the capacity to feel at ease in any environment and develop a sense of belonging
  • increasing the ability to become an advocate for yourself and others


☎️ +1 617-595-8570

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