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About CurePay

CurePay is a 100% Veteran Owned Company founded on the belief that integrity is essential in all relationships, including business. 
CurePay utilizes an exclusive program and technology to help its clients realize an increase in their cash flow and overall growth. 

The CurePay team has over 35 years of combined experience in the Payments industry. In that time, they have met and exceeded the expectations of over 20,000 businesses that have processed billions of dollars annually. 

About David Gunning

CurePay is represented in the South Florida region by David Gunning. 

A graduate of Temple University (Philadelphia, PA), David is fully committed to creating strong business relationships with his clients. 

In a time when the majority of Payment companies are less personable and heavily automated, David strives to provide a more traditional and personal approach.

When asked about the relationships with his clients, David says, “When a client allows me to handle their business and livelihood, I want them to know they are in the best of hands.  Watching a business grow, thrive, and succeed is the greatest feeling I can have as a Payment Solutions Consultant.”


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Phone: 855-287-3729

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