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Event More is a human scale agency dedicated to creating memorable events in beautiful destinations.
Based in Miami, the Event More team covers the entire United-States through a network of local experts. Camille and Severine are professionals who bring together all the elements to make your next event a success thanks to their freshness, dynamism, and their network of specialists!

The Interview

Can you tell us about the history of Event More? What did you do before that?

We met each other working in this industry in Miami before deciding to start Event More together. But before moving to Miami, Severine worked in the events and finance industry in Paris for twenty years. As for me, I studied Law and Event Management, then I ran the VIP hospitality program for the EURO Soccer Cup in France in 2016, the year I moved to Miami.

If you had to describe Event More in three keywords, what would they be?

Boutique, Tailored, Detail orientated.

How did you discover FACC-WF (FRAMCO)? What was your first impression? How did they help your business? 

We were introduced by a Member and we can only thank him. Charles is our main contact and he has been great at introducing us to other businesses and making sure we had visibility on their different platforms. Thanks to FRAMCO we just organized an international conference in Miami with 500 people from all over the world for a company they connected us with.

What is your specialty in event planning? What kind of event do you prefer organizing? 

When we started Event More we were focused on Corporate Events because we had been doing that for many years. However, with COVID, the opportunities changed and we found ourselves doing more Private Events such as weddings and birthday parties at some point. Now I would say that 70% of our clients are businesses. We would like to keep doing both as we enjoy all types of events, even though the process can be quite different sometimes.

For which companies did you organize events in the past?

We are proud to have some well-known clients such as Montblanc, VISA, COMPASS, Richemont, etc. but we value each client the same way. No matter the size of the event, we always dedicate 100% to the project.

What are your principal professional challenges?

COVID was definitely the main challenge we faced since starting Event More.

Considering your field of industry, how did this crisis impact and change how you work? 

As mentioned above, before COVID we used to do mostly Corporate Events, but we had to adapt and we started planning smaller events such as birthday parties or intimate weddings (under 100 guests). We also noticed that all the events we organized this year were planned in 1 or 2 months. Everything is becoming more last minute but we adapted very well to this new trend and made it happen every time!

We had very good feedback about Event More from FACC-WF members, what would you say sets you apart from other event planning companies? 

That’s awesome to hear! We are very committed to having a close relationship with each client, in order to understand their goals and to offer them the perfect options to make their event successful and memorable.

How do you picture Event More in 5 years?

This year is finally a “normal” year for us in terms of business volume, after 2 difficult years. The goal for 2022 is definitely to reach or outdo our 2019 turnover and from there we would like to keep growing. We operate across the US with several teams of freelancers, so why not open a 2nd office somewhere like NYC or LA in the next 5 years.

If you had a “carte blanche” for organizing a networking event from FACC-WF, what would you do? 

Well with “carte blanche” we would have everybody come to Miami for Havana Nights on a Mega Yacht, how does that sound!? 😉

Do you have a fun work-related story you would like to share ?

In most of the Corporate Events we organized in the past, there is a fun cocktail / gala evening with live music for which people show up all dressed. And there is that one time everybody ended up jumping in the pool with their clothes on! That was fun for them and also for us to see that they enjoyed the evening to the fullest.


Address: 3683 NE 199th St, Aventura, FL 33180
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Phone: (786) 203-2600

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