Romark: Progressing together

Romark is a research driven pharmaceutical company that was established in 1994, here in Tampa, FL. Although they are headquartered in Tampa, Romark is a truly global company with locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Belgium, Luxembourg and Australia. This innovative company is vertically integrated, meaning they discover, develop, manufacture and market all their own products. They are passionate about making a positive impact and strive to better the lives of people around the world through research.

Latest Research

Currently, Romark is developing innovative medications from a class of small molecule drugs called thiazolides.

Targeted therapeutic areas include viral diseases, cancers, pain, neurodegenerative diseases and aging-related diseases. Romark is also in the clinical trial stage of new drugs for treating illnesses caused by a broad range of viral respiratory infections and for treating chronic hepatitis B.
Their latest preclinical research is focused on new treatments for nerve pain and cancer.

New Facility

Their most recent manufacturing facility located in Manati, Puerto Rico received approval from the FDA in August 2020.
This state-of-the-art facility encompasses approximately 35,000 square feet. Romark has invested more than $80 million in establishing its Puerto Rico operations and now employs 100 people in the manufacturing facility and an analytical laboratory it acquired in 2018.

With a planned expansion of the facility, the company’s Puerto Rico operations are expected to grow to a total of approximately 400 employees over the next three years.

FRAMCO is extremely proud to have Romark as a member and we look forward to building up our local community together. 

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