Séverine Mortgage : Find the best loan for your dream Investment

You wish to be accompanied by the best for your loan? Confidence is the key word in your approach? Séverine Mortgage is there to meet your expectations. 

By using this company, you will have the privilege of being accompanied by an experienced loan officer who will guide you through the often difficult and confusing process of choosing and obtaining the exact loan that meets your specific needs. 

What is behind the name Séverine Mortgage? 

At the head of this company, we can find Séverine Gualandi, a seasoned loan consultant. Currently a member of I3Lending’s team of home loan experts, she strives to ensure that the purchase or refinancing of her clients’ homes is done in the best conditions.

Originally from France, she has a rich history of serving clients in different sectors. Now serving the mortgage industry, she has also helped many foreign investors obtain loans for their investment properties here in the United States.

In order to recommend the most suitable loans for her clients, she is supported by in-house processing, underwriting and financing professionals. This allows her to provide fast and personalized service to her clients when they purchase or refinance their homes. 

Séverine Gualandi takes her work very seriously and wants to help individuals and families realize their dream of home ownership in the best possible way. She is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. She knows what is at stake in these projects and that is why it is undeniably important to her to be a person that her clients can trust and rely on. 

Her work philosophy is based on transparency and listening. She also knows that each client has specific expectations and that is why it is important for her to make a complete study of each case in order to then propose personalized loan options that best suit them.
She is therefore committed to ensuring that her clients get all the information they need, as well as a complete financial picture to help them make a sound financial decision and define their short and long term goals.

The different loan programs

This mortgage company offers a wide collection of loan products, designed to fit unique scenarios and give their customers more choices. These offerings include self-employed, foreign nationals, conventional government and investors with no income. In addition, they offer commercial and jumbo loans. To learn more about loan eligibility requirements, visit their website at https://www.severine-mortgage.com/programs.

Contact them 

Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about your current loan or future investment! 

Address: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Phone number: +1 954-254-8659 
Email address: info@severine-mortgage.com

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