Valerie Lucey: Agent, entrepreneur and consultant

Valerie Lucey is an accomplished international realtor and entrepreneur who is proud to call Tampa Bay home. Native to the beautiful Bordeaux region of France, Valerie’s diverse professional career started at a young age and allowed her the opportunity to gain a wide array of experience. She has worked with a variety of professionals including lawyers, surgeons, architects, and accountants. 


Valerie has initiated several successful companies, including a charming bed and breakfast and a renowned “Image and Style” consulting company. The latter is something she is hugely passionate about today. Karlton Meadows, MS, went so far as to say, “Valerie has an incredible eye and sense for the most impactful image. She also has a youthful heart which made my entire process vibrant.”


Her drive and dedication have been evident from the moment she arrived in Florida, when she promptly enrolled in English language courses and graduated from this 4-year program with honors. Valerie is active in the local community and is a true hero, volunteering not only with animals, but also with organizations like Big Brother/Big Sister Tampa Bay.

FRAMCO is very proud to have Valerie as member and we look forward to collaborating with her.

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